5 Best Smartphone Video Editing Apps for iOS and Android

Last UpdatedSeptember 25, 2023


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With the massive rise in popularity of short form content, more creators are looking to their phones to quickly edit and share videos on social media and YouTube.

Smartphones and smartphone apps have come a long way too, with some of the best smartphone video editing apps rivaling and even bettering their desktop counterparts.

After downloading and testing countless options, I narrowed it down to the top 5 smartphone video editing apps based on useability, functionality, and affordability. Read on to learn more about the best smartphone video editing apps for iOS and Android devices!

What Are the Best Smartphone Video Editing Apps?

There are legitimately hundreds of options for video editing software on the app store and recommending just one is hard!

With that being said, I downloaded a ton of the top rated options and put them through their paces editing a few videos with each. Eventually I boiled the list down to the best 5 mobile video editing apps. Let’s check them out. 👇

1. VN Video Editor

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VN Video Editor is a popular smartphone video editing app for both iOS and Android devices.

It allows you to quickly import footage and assemble sequences with graphics, b-roll, transitions, effects, and more.

VN makes it easy to color correct, adjust speed, and add graphic templates. It also has a handy beat sync tool to easily match edits to music.

The intuitive, touchscreen-friendly interface lets you drag and drop clips, resize videos by pinching, and utilize other features unique to mobile devices.

VN Video Editor packs professional-level editing tools into an easy-to-use free app. With both smartphone and desktop versions for Mac and PC, it's perfect for social media content creators looking for a capable yet simple mobile video editor.

VN Video Editor gets the top spot on my list as it’s the perfect balance between simplicity, capability, and affordability (it’s free!).

Key Features

  • Cross-Platform: Available for both iOS and Android, as well as Mac and PC.
  • Comprehensive Tools: Provides a wide range of features like color correction, speed adjustment, and graphic templates.
  • Drag-and-Drop: Intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes assembling sequences and adding b-roll easy.
  • Beat Sync: Handy tool for syncing edits to the beat of music making it easy to match edits to your beats.


  • Leverages Touchscreen: VN Video Maker leverages the touchscreen by allowing unique controls through pinching and dragging.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive and easy-to-use interface means you can edit and upload fast.
  • Free: It’s Free! What more can I say?
  • Social Media Focus: Particularly beneficial for social media content creators due to its balance of simplicity and features.


  • Lacks Advanced Features: VN Video Maker lacks some of the advanced features you’d find on a desktop of some of the other mobile apps available.

2. CapCut

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CapCut offers free, powerful video editing capabilities in an accessible mobile-friendly interface.

CapCut has a varied library of stock sounds, animations, and supports direct exports to TikTok. CapCut utilizes AI filters and AutoCut to automatically create edits from your clips.

The intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy to crop, rearrange, and trim footage. More advanced features include auto-captioning, facial tracking, and background removal.

With its convenient tools like beat sync and an array of creative options, CapCut bridges the gap between basic mobile editing and advanced desktop software.

The app is perfect for social media creators looking to level up from TikTok's built-in editor. When your edit is complete, you can export directly to leading platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and of course TikTok.

Chances are you’ve probably heard of CapCut, and for good reason. Given the user-friendly interface, perfect level of functionality, and affordability, CapCut came in as a close second as the best smartphone video editing app.

Key Features

  • Direct Export: Supports direct exports to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, simplifying the sharing process.
  • Stock Library: Offers a varied library of stock sounds and animations, enhancing creative possibilities.
  • AI Features: Utilizes AI filters and AutoCut for smart, automated editing.
  • Touch-Friendly: Intuitive touchscreen interface enables easy cropping, rearranging, and trimming.
  • Beat Sync: Convenient beat sync feature allows syncing of music and video edits.
  • Auto-Captioning: Includes a feature for automatic caption generation, aiding in accessibility.
  • Facial Tracking: Offers facial tracking capabilities, allowing for creative effects like attaching emojis to faces.
  • Background Removal: Provides a background removal feature, useful for green screen effects.


  • Free-to-Use: Available for free download on iPhone and Android.
  • Social Media: Ideal for social media creators, specifically those looking to advance beyond TikTok's built-in editor.
  • Advanced Features: Bridges the gap between basic mobile editing and more complex desktop software with its array of advanced tools.


  • Lacking Long-form: Editing long form content isn’t the best with the CapCut interface which isn’t ideal for some creators.

3. LumaFusion

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LumaFusion is an advanced video editing app that’s packed with pro-level features and surprisingly robust for a mobile platform.

Its customizable workspace and 6 tracks for video/audio editing almost make it feel comparable to desktop software.

You can edit horizontally, utilize stabilization, audio enhancement tools, and more. LumaFusion stands out for its deep integration of desktop level features into a mobile interface - you can even edit off a connected external hard drive.

With the ability to copy and paste effects between clips and advanced tools like multilayer video editing, LumaFusion shines for creators producing long-form YouTube-style videos.

For creators who need powerful editing on the go, LumaFusion brings desktop-quality tools to your smartphone. The advanced features of LumaFusion have earned it a third place on my go-to apps for smartphone video editing.

Key Features

  • Six Tracks: Provides six tracks for video/audio editing, suitable for long form content that uses b-roll and sound effects.
  • Desktop Power: Integrates features often reserved for desktop software, boosting capabilities beyond most mobile editors.
  • Horizontal Editing: Supports horizontal editing mode, offering a much better experience for long form edits
  • Audio Enhancement: Offers audio tools for sound optimization, valuable for content that might have been recorded on the go.
  • External Drive Support: Allows editing off a connected external hard drive, adding flexibility and storage options.
  • Easy Effects: Enables the ability to copy and paste effects between clips which comes in very handy.


  • Best for Long-Form: Particularly useful for long-form YouTube-style videos requiring multilayer editing.
  • Advanced Tools: Equipped with advanced tools like multilayer video editing, making it a powerful option for professional creators looking for a mobile solution.


  • Complexity: The advanced features may make the app less accessible for beginners or casual users.
  • Cost: LumaFusion doesn't have a free option.

4. PowerDirector

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PowerDirector leans into AI-powered creative tools like speech-to-text, object detection, and animated collages.

It provides a vast range of functionality including AI sky replacement, motion tracking, chroma keying, and masking. Instantly apply effects like AI body filters or generate custom AI art and stickers.

PowerDirector simplifies complex edits with smart features like stabilization, color matching, and audio ducking. Access millions of creative assets like templates, stock media, and music.

Whether you want to fix shaky footage, creatively edit videos, or live stream, PowerDirector brings pro-level editing to your mobile device. With its array of AI assistants, creative assets, and advanced tools, PowerDirector is a top choice for mobile video creators.

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

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Adobe Premiere Rush is Adobe's mobile-first video editing app with creative tools allowing you to edit your latest clips from your very own smartphone.

Rush allows you to easily add transitions, customize titles, adjust speed, import audio, and more. It offers 7 video tracks for multi-layer editing as well as color correction and sharing options optimized for social media.

While the free mobile version is limited to 2GB cloud storage, Rush provides a powerful editing experience on the go.

Newly added features like Pan and Zoom boost your creative options. With its user-friendly tools, extensive asset library, and focus on elevating social media videos, Premiere Rush lets you quickly craft polished content tailored for platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Should I Edit on My Smartphone or Computer?

Deciding between smartphone and computer for video editing hinges on your content goals, skill level, and need for mobility.

Smartphones, with apps like VN Video Editor and CapCut, offer convenience and are great for quick, social-media-ready edits. They shine for creators who prioritize speed and portability.

Computers, on the other hand, provide advanced functionality and ability to use video presets and other advanced functionality. They demand a higher time investment for mastery but deliver more polished results.

So to answer your question, smartphones are a great starting point, especially for social media content or creators just starting out on YouTube, but as your editing needs grow more complex, transitioning to a computer becomes beneficial.

Wrapping Up

Today we looked at the best 5 smartphone video editing apps for iOS and Android.

VN Video Editor and CapCut are perfect for short form creators and are a great blend between functionality, useability, and affordability. LumaFusion is the best option for long form creators looking for extra video editing capabilities and PowerDirector and Rush are great all round options too.

As the popularity of short form content continues to grow, and more people are creating on the move, smartphone video editing apps are sure to continue improving in both useability and popularity!

Hopefully this list helped you find the best smartphone video editing app for your needs!


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Anthony Gallo is the cofounder of ContentCreator.com and lead educator in the online course 14 Day Filmmaker, that has taught over 100,000 aspiring creators how to shoot & edit professional video content with PRO and SMARTPHONE cameras.

Having created content in a variety of industries including commercial advertising, weddings, music videos, and hundreds of youtube videos, Anthony has amassed over 50 million views online and is constantly looking for new and engaging ways to create content and help others master this amazing craft.