How to Add Music to DaVinci Resolve in 3 Steps

Last UpdatedNovember 7, 2023


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Adding music tracks or recorded audio into DaVinci Resolve is straightforward and is very much similar to adding other media types to your video edits.

In this guide, I’ll show you the easiest way to import your audio into your DaVinci Resolve project, and synchronize it using DaVinci Resolve’s auto align tool.

Supported Audio Formats

As you might expect, DaVinci Resolve supports a wide range of audio formats, including all the popular audio file formats including WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, and AIFF.

If you think you might be having trouble importing your audio into DaVinci Resolve you can check the full list of supported formats and codecs provided by Blackmagic - the creators of DaVinci Resolve.

If you plan on uploading to YouTube or making your project publicly available, always ensure your music files are properly licensed to avoid any unnecessary copyright strikes or other issues.

How to Add Music to DaVinci Resolve?

Adding music in DaVinci Resolve is much the same as adding other media. Simply import your music files, add them to the timeline, and synchronize them to the video if necessary.

1. Import Your Music Files

  • Navigate to the 'Media' page to import your audio files
  • Click ‘File’ > ‘Import Media’ and select your tracks
  • You can also drag files directly from your folder into the media pool.
Import Media into DaVinci Resolve

2. Adding Music to the Timeline

  • Switch to the 'Edit' page
  • Locate your imported music in the media pool, drag it onto the timeline, and drop it onto an audio track below your video clips
  • You manually can adjust the placement to sync with specific video parts.

3. Synchronizing Music with Video

There are two ways to align your audio track with visual media in DaVinci Resolve.

  • Use the 'Snap' feature to help align clips to the playhead or other clips. This works well if the video or media starts at the exact time as your audio.

Alternatively, you can use the inbuilt “Auto Align Clips” tool in DaVinci.

  • Highlight the clips you want to align
  • Right click and hover over Auto Align Clips
  • Choose Based on Timecode if the clips are recorded from the same device
  • Choose Based on Waveform if you are trying to synchronize recording from a microphone to a separate video clip’s audio.


If you’re having trouble adding music or importing audio into DaVinci Resolve, here are some quick troubleshooting tips you can use:

  • Audio Not Playing: Ensure the track is not muted or soloed incorrectly in the timeline. Check the volume levels in the inspector panel.
  • Unsupported Format: If your music file won’t import, convert it to a compatible format like WAV or MP3 using an audio converter.
  • Out of Sync: If audio drifts out of sync, check for varying sample rates or frame rates between your project settings and audio file.
  • Clipping or Distortion: Reduce the clip’s volume if the audio meters peak into the red zone to prevent distortion.
  • Missing Audio Files: If DaVinci Resolve can't locate your audio files, relink them by right-clicking the missing file in the media pool and selecting 'Relink Selected Clips'. Also make sure your media isn't offline.

Wrapping Up

Adding music and audio tracks to DaVinci Resolve is straightforward and in this guide I outlined the easiest way to do exactly that!

If you're conformable with adding your audio in DaVinci Resolve, check out these 10 free templates for DaVinci Resolve that can level up your edits fast!


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